General Info

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Mission Statement

Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts, an outstanding school designated to deliver visual arts and performing arts at a professional level, provides a strong academic, athletic and technological program for all its students. Its safe and caring environment inspires life-long learning and a desire for personal excellence.

School Name

The name Wexford was brought to this area by settlers who came from Southern Ireland. A century ago, these settlers opened a building just a few hundred yards from our present location – the first post office of the hamlet of Wexford.

Harry The Mascot

Harry may be a Norseman and a Viking, but he’s also an immortal leprechaun: a lasting symbol of the Irish settlers from whom we take our name. He was brought to life by two Wexfordians, Bob Read and Bob Wilburn, who discovered him in a search for the school newspaper title. Since then, Harry has appeared on flags, sweatshirts, posters, buttons, rings, and had his own band. He stands, bronzed, in the main foyer atop a stone cairn.

School Song


We come from Wexford, fearless and bold.

The pride of every heart, our honour to uphold.

Like our viking fathers, our fate we never fear,

For whether the odds are high or low,

We’ll raise our mighty cheer.

And we fight, fight for victory,

Time after time,

Double green and white will lead the battle line.

Our Harry has earned a name for us.

That name we shall defend,

Yes, it’s Wexford, till the end!