Cooperative Education


Cooperative Education


Cooperative Education builds on the Grade 10 Careers course. With an emphasis on teaching work and employability skills, the student is guided through every step of the job search and career search journey. The Cooperative Education program offers a challenging, exciting, learning experience for students, by providing the opportunity to apply in-school learning to practical on-the-job experience. In addition, Cooperative Education students in developing these work and employability skills, confirm career goals, and explore various career options.

The Co-op program gives students an opportunity to earn 4 credits, as well as to gain valuable work experience for future career choices. Mature, responsible behaviour and regular attendance are looked at as necessary attributes for applicants. Senior studentsshould have a senior credit in the subject area related to the type of placement desired. (eg. law is required for apolice placement; parenting is required for teaching or day care placements). Students should have a minimum of 20 credits and be at least 17 years old at the time of the placement.

Acceptance into the course is determined after an interview with Co-op teachers, and 2 teacher references.

Evaluation for Co-op students is based on numerous assignments, including journals, work logs, a portfolio assignment, and employer evaluations.

Placements and supervisors are carefully selected by trained Co-op teachers to ensure the best possible opportunities and a learning plan is individualized for each student and their particular placement. Students are monitored biweekly at the workplace by their Co-op teacher, who meets with the student and supervisor to discuss progress.

For further information concerning the Co-op Program in a specific subject area, see Mr. Astrella in the Library Learning Resource Centre.