The Business Department offers many exciting and challenging courses that enable students to develop a well rounded business background for entry into colleges, universities and the world of work.

Students will develop an understanding of Canada's role in the international marketplace by focusing on current global events and their effect on the international business environment.

Courses in business studies are designed to provide opportunities for students to:

  • Develop an understanding of the forces that influence our economy and standard of living.
  • Develop business related skills, attitudes, knowledge and concepts for personal use.
  • Develop feelings of self-worth and self-confidence through business assignments and group tasks.
  • Acquire and appropriate business education background for entry into colleges, universities and for making sound choices in the selection of careers.
  • Acquire the business, personal and interpersonal skills, knowledge and attitudes essential for direct entry into the world of work.
  • Develop the ability to market their skills and communicate effectively in a global business environment.

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Stay tuned for the new BOH4M1 Business Leadership company coming in February 2017...