The English Department encourages students to use oral and written language skills to communicate and solve problems effectively, to think in a critical and insightful manner, and to respond knowledgeably to what they read, hear, and view within our global community.

Through the exploration of themes, rhetoric, and structures in literature, students will develop and share thoughtful ideas, attitudes, and values.

Our writing program, which places equal emphasis on both the process and the finished product, facilitates student success by developing skills incrementally. Language study complements the writing process, and also helps to cultivate and sustain strong literacy skills.

Our overall program also offers students multiple opportunities to include the use of technology in their studies, at every grade level.

Speaking and presentation skills are fostered through group work, discussions, dramatizations, and oral projects.

The English program is designed to meet the varied needs of all of our students. Courses are offered at the Essential, Applied/ College, and Academic/University levels:

  • At the Essential level, students' personal skills, social understanding, and self confidence are stressed.
  • At the Applied/College level of study, students are prepared for destinations such as the workplace, or post-secondary study in Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology.
  • At the Academic/University level of study, more emphasis is placed on more complex cognitive skills, in preparation for the rigour of post-secondary university level study.