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Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts delivers Visual + Media Arts and Performing Arts at a professional level, provides a strong academic, athletic and technological program for all its students. Its safe and caring environment inspires life-long learning and a desire for personal excellence.

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Please note that all dates + times marked on the Wexford website calendar are subject to change. For specific times, please refer to the Friday Forecast or contact the school by phone.

Wexford CSA Friday Forecast for May 18 - May 22

Here is Wexford's Friday Forecast for next week. Take a look to see what's coming up at Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts.

Friday Forecast May 18 - May 22

June Final Exam Schedule

Here is the exam schedule for June 2015. 


  1. Read the schedule carefully and underline or highlight each of the exams you are required to write and carefully put in your agenda your exams, dates and times.
  2. Exams are 1.5 hours unless otherwise indicated.
  3. Please post your exam schedule in an obvious location at home. *Remember it is your responsibility to be in the designated room at the scheduled time for the exam.
  4. A medical certificate, specifically stating you are too sick to sit an exam, must be submitted within 24 hours to substantiate absence from the examination in order to receive an estimated mark. Absence for reasons other than this will result in a mark of zero.
  5. Copies of this schedule are available in the main office.
  6. Students arriving late to their exam will not be granted extra time.
From The Star: The artist’s view of Toronto’s Divided City

The Star Staff Reporter Tara Deschamps writes and article, The artist's view of Toronto's Divided City featuring Wexford Visual + Media Arts students and teachers...

When students in Lynda Hattin’s Grade 12 narrative illustration class at Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts sit down with their sketchbooks, they fill pages with intricate works meant to land them an A.

It’s not often, they say, that they get to peer into their own lives thinking about the issues that affect their commutes to school, their babysitting gigs and even, the tumultuous treks their parents took to immigrate to the country.

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