Auditorium Seat Sponsorship

Auditorium Seat Sponsorship Program

Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts is well known for its exceptional Performing Arts program and the high caliber of the dramas, shows, and musicals that are performed on stage in the Dr. S.D. Rendall Auditorium. Unfortunately, past performances at Wexford CSA are also often remembered for the uncomfortable wooden seats that our patrons had to endure.

The wooden seats of the Rendall Auditorium date back to the school’s construction in 1964-65. After 45 years of aching backs and numb legs the wooden seats have been replaced with much more comfortable upholstered seats. This rejuvenation of the Rendall Auditorium was made possible by funding from the School and the Board.

In July, 2010 the first 112 new seats were installed in the center section of the orchestra level of the auditorium. The remaining 190 seats of the orchestra level (orchestra right and left) were replaced in December, 2011. New seats in the left and right balconies were installed in January, 2012.

To help offset the School’s expenditure, we are continuing our seat sponsorship program. Sponsor a seat and you can honour a student, alumni, teacher, friend or family member. For each seat sponsorship a beautiful brass commemorative seat plaque will be installed on the underside of one of the new Rendall Auditorium seats. The plaque will be prominently displayed when the seat is in its natural, unoccupied position.

Through a tax deductable donation of $250 you have the opportunity to make a memorial or dedication gift that celebrates the life or contributions to the school of family, friends, classmates, staff or coworkers. Corporate donations from our local community business partners are also eligible for commemorative plaques.

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